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  • Implemented in cooperation with the UN agencies

    Cooperation in the area of the transfer of our experience of transformation to Iraq started in 2009. The initiators in Iraq were the UN Aid Mission for Iraq, namely UNDP, the Iraqi government and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Baghdad; the Department of Africa and the Middle East of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs played the main role in Warsaw. The representatives of Iraq and UNDP experts have selected three priority areas of cooperation based  on research done previously, namely:

    • The development of small and medium-sized enterprises  and activities aiming at  creating an entrepreneurship development agency in Iraq
    • Support for the process of restructuring state-owned enterprises
    • A package of social policies, social solutions and in the area of the  labour market alleviating the negative effects associated with the economic reforms

    Training of Iraqi experts in the above-mentioned matters was carried out respectively in July 2011 and February 2012. The high substantive level of training gained it recognition from the Iraqis and UNDP. In December 2011 another area of support was established together with UNIDO, namely the development of industrial and technology parks, and special economic zones. Another issue is a collaboration with the World Bank, which is interested in developing the competence of the Supreme Control Chamber of Iraq, based on the experience of the Polish Supreme Control Chamber, especially within the scope of the control of projects financed by foreign institutions. In Poland we also realise a UN project aimed at basic education in the field of democratic and civic values. In 2011 in addition, the Iraqis made themselves acquainted with the Polish system of personnel training for the needs of civil and diplomatic services. In this context, it should be stressed that taking note of the high dynamics of the development of bilateral cooperation in the above-mentioned field the high representatives of the Iraqi authorities approvingly admit that Poland has become their main source of gaining knowledge and experience in the area of systematic transformation. In the near future it is expected that this cooperation will be extended to the banking and the supervision of the finances of the state sectors.

    It should be emphasised that the model of cooperation tested in Iraq is becoming a pattern for large development programmes, which will be implemented in other regions of the world by UNDP and other agencies of the UN system, possibly with the participation of Polish government institutions.


    Implemented in the bilateral form.

    In 2010 Poland received seven employees of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who suffered in a terrorist attack in August 2009( a truck loaded with two tons of explosives exploded outside the building), for plastic surgery. In 2011 academics from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Warsaw University conducted an archaeological summer school for Iraqi lecturers on the site near Irbil. Some experts from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid visit in Poland to get acquainted with the system of training personnel for the needs of the public administration and diplomatic service. Polish experts are supposed to work out the documentation of a historic house in the citadel in Irbil by the end of 2012 within the framework of development aid.

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