• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • On the territory of Iraq are cemeteries  and graves of Polish soldiers who died and were buried there in 1942-1943. Civilians were also buried there, those who followed the combat trail of the Polish Army  from Moscow to the countries in the Middle East.


    The quantitative data show that there are approximately 470-500 Polish places of remembrance. Some of them are separate cemeteries and some are under the administration of a British organisation caring for such place of remembrance worldwide ( the Commonwealth War Graves Commission).


    The state of the cemeteries has not been known since 2003, the year of the invasion of Iraq and the beginning of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, nor is it known if they suffered as a result of the warfare. The graves and places of remembrance which bear Polish names are situated in the following cemeteries and places.


    The Embassy of the Republic of Poland has taken steps to find other Polish places of remembrance on the territory of Iraq, including the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurdish party has shown kindness  and understanding of the Polish project aiming to catalogue the places of remembrance of the fallen soldiers and civilians.


    On 18th February 2013 the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Lech Stefaniak agreed action related to cataloguing the Polish graves in the meeting with Arman Ahmed Muhammad, the Minister of Martyrdom and Anfal ( extermination).

    The Polish institution, which supports these activities is the Council for the Protection of Memory of Combat and Martyrdom.

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